Temporary exhibitions

1886 - 1945, Heinous cartoons or the anti-Semitic corrosion in Europe

Arthur Langerman private collection.

Until 22 april 2018.

Arthur Langerman

Arthur Langerman, a collector of documents on anti-Semitism, was born in 1942 to an Antwerp Jewish family. In March 1944, his parents were deported to Auschwitz. After the war, he reunited with his mother and grew up in Belgium.

Like many of his contemporaries, it is in 1961, at the time of Eichmann’s trial, that he took the full measure of the horror of the Holocaust. It was from that moment that he became a collector and started putting together a collection of 7,000 documents, posters, newspapers or artifacts on the theme of anti-Semitism.

The exhibition “1886 - 1945, Heinous cartoons or the anti-Semitic corrosion“ showcases part of this exceptional collection.

1886 - 1945, Heinous cartoons or the anti-Semitic corrosion in Europe

Over 120 documents and artifacts – French, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian posters; postcards; anti-Semitic artifacts; newspaper headlines; children or adult books; newspapers, leaflets- are, for the first time, displayed at the Caen Mémorial Museum.

Admission is included in the general admission ticket.
Temporary exhibition only: €5 per person.

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