The world after 1945

From the end of World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the second half of the XXth century is decrypted in this space.
The Berlin Wall falls
Berlin at the heart of the Cold War

The Berlin Wall falls

The year 1989 sees the dismantling of the Soviet bloc. After the opening of the Iron Curtain in Hungary, the fall of the Berlin Wall opens the way for German reunification.

The Cold War

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The Cold War crisis

Numerous crisis are breaking out on the outskirts of the world's superpowers, making the populations' worldwide fear the worst for their future.

Here a series of symbolic...

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The Balance of Terror

During the Cold War, the two blocks are waging an unbridled arms race. The state of the world is based on a very unstable equilibrium.

A genuine Soviet Mig-21, a French missile...


Civilians in wartime Mémorial

In Falaise, a new museum dedicated to both the life and survival of the civilians during WWII.
Mémorial de falaise

Arromanches 360 circular cinema

Don't miss! - The film "Normandy's 100 days". Archive images projected in HD on 9 screens.
Mémorial d'Arromanches

1944 radar museum

Discover the daily life of the German soldiers in charge of the air reconnaissance inside the bunkers
Mémorial de Douvres