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The Battle of Normandy

Film "1944: saving Europe"

Discover it during your visit to the Caen Memorial Museum!

Comprised of exclusively archive footage, the film « 1944, saving Europe » recounts all the stages of the battle up to the liberation of Le Havre.

19 minutes of History and emotion plunge the audience into the heart of the battle as they have never seen or heard it before.

Directed by David Dessites
Produced by "The Submarine Productions"
Reviewed by Fabrice Drouelle
Duration: 19 minutes


Civilians in wartime Mémorial

In Falaise, a new museum dedicated to both the life and survival of the civilians during WWII.

Mémorial de falaise

Arromanches 360 circular cinema

Don't miss! - The film "Normandy's 100 days". Archive images projected in HD on 9 screens.

Mémorial d'Arromanches

1944 radar museum

Discover the daily life of the German soldiers in charge of the air reconnaissance inside the bunkers

Mémorial de Douvres