The world before 1945

From the origins of the Second World War to its end, the first exhibition recounts and explains the first half of the 20th century.

The Second World War

France in the dark years

The second section, situated underground, helps the visitor understand “the dark years” following France’s capitulation. What was daily life like for French people, how did they...

From European War to World War

1941: Germany launched operation Barbarossa against the USSR and Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. The Soviets and the Americans joined the Allies in their fight against the Axis...

Total War

In a war that becomes "total", aggressors devote all their human resources and equipment on achieving final victory. This is what the entrance to this new room means. Amongst all the...

Societies at war

As you enter the room covering "societies at war", on your right there is a wide display on the life and death of soldiers and in front, an enclosed, intimate space evoking the life of...

The cost and ending of the war

With the capitulation of Germany on 7 May 1945, followed by Japan on 2 September, the Second World War finally came to an end.


Civilians in wartime Mémorial

In Falaise, a new museum dedicated to both the life and survival of the civilians during WWII.

Mémorial de falaise

Arromanches 360 circular cinema

Don't miss! - The film "Normandy's 100 days". Archive images projected in HD on 9 screens.

Mémorial d'Arromanches

1944 radar museum

Discover the daily life of the German soldiers in charge of the air reconnaissance inside the bunkers

Mémorial de Douvres