Immersive experience

The immersive experience

New in 2019!

360° Cinema - Immersive Experience

Opening in June 2019.

The immersive experience

Construction site time-lapse video

4th part

3rd part

2nd part

1st part


The immersive experience project

A brand new visual and audio experience to understand our common European history.

A 360° 19-minute movie. It is dynamic, impressive and moving!


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Civilians in wartime Mémorial

In Falaise, a new museum dedicated to both the life and survival of the civilians during WWII.

Mémorial de falaise

Arromanches 360 circular cinema

Don't miss! - The film "Normandy's 100 days". Archive images projected in HD on 9 screens.

Mémorial d'Arromanches

1944 radar museum

Discover the daily life of the German soldiers in charge of the air reconnaissance inside the bunkers

Mémorial de Douvres