Exhibition of Patrick Chauvel's collection

On all fronts, in Vietnam, in Eritrea, in Panama, in Salvador, in Nicaragua, in Iraq, in Syria… this war reporter presents a very unique and priceless collection at the Caen Mémorial.

Pedagogical meetings about contemporary conflicts, about the role of the reporter and the interpretation of the reportage are organized by the Fonds Patrick Chauvel and the Caen Mémorial thanks to the regular presence of the reporter at the museum.

Exhibition of Patrick Chauvel's collection
Patrick Chauvel

Patrick Chauvel

Patrick Chauvel, reporter, photographer, documentary maker, writer and co-founder of the WARM foundation has covered more than 50 years of conflicts.

Archival funds

These private archival funds comprise 380000 images, including 80000 scanned images showing nearly all the Cold War conflicts and the post September-11 period.

Permanent exhibition

The visitors can also discover a permanent exhibition: 100 photos are displayed, from Vietnam in 1968 to Ukraine in 2019. The photographer recounts past and actual wars.

50 years of conflicts

This exhibition dedicated to Patrick Chauvel’s work, photographing 50 years of conflicts, reminds us the complex history of the 20th and 21st centuries. It also highlights the values and the ethics of the journalist profession.

Frise chronologique P. Chauvel


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