The gardens

The Souvenir Gardens

Since its inauguration in 1988 when the Israeli President planted the first tree, the Park has continued to create new gardens and commemorative sites to honour the memory of Resistance fighters and Allied soldiers who died in Normandy.

Every year on 6 June, Landing commemorations are organized in the gardens of the museum.

The American Garden

In 1994, to mark 50 years since the liberation of Europe, the American Garden was officially opened.

With a fountain symbolizing life at the center, plaques of the fifty American states have been erected nearby.


The Canadian Garden

In 1995, it was the Canadian Support Committee’s turn to create its own garden...

Designed by twelve students of architecture from the universities of Montreal and Ottawa, the Canadian Garden encourages reflection.

The low wall lists the name of the 122 Normandy communes liberated by Canadian soldiers. The black granite slab is inscribed with Virgil's words: "Nulla dies umquam memori vos eximet aevo" (no day will ever erase you from the memory of time).


The British Garden

In 2004, Prince Charles inaugurated the British Garden...

This Garden was designed and built on behalf of the British Friends of Normandy with the help of the City of Caen.

Various sculptures evoking the participation of the various forces in the conflict: the Royal Air force, the Royal Navy and the 15 British divisions are represented by cypress trees planted alongside a colonnade in bloom.

The entrance pergola is in the form of a celtic cross to mark the involvement of the Irish regiments. The Temple of Spirits is the center piece in memory of those who lost their lives. The Peace Garden which is for quiet contemplation is entered through a conifer arch.


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